30th Anniversary Memory Wall

This memory wall records the thoughts of the patrons, musicians, and friends of the Newport Symphony Orchestra, now celebrating its 30th Anniversary Season.

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Enjoy this short video celebrating the Newport Symphony's 30 seasons bring beautiful music to the Oregon coast!

When I chose to go to a treat for myself on Sunday after church, I chose the Orchestra - and you have all proved as a wonderful group to be Great! Thank you for working so hard.

Julie Pearce

When my friend Betty Richard and I first went to the Symphony, we were sitting in seats which hooked together. We suddenly realize that we were both moving to the music, as our seats were moving. 

Caroline Miller

My favorite memory is still my first memory with the NSO. A Broadway Romance was my first exposure to the amazing music and artistry of the NSO. I was lucky enough to meet the guest artists backstage.

Loria Holden

The performance of "Route 66" was a different and entertaining performance and part of NSO trying something outside the norm. 

Bob Bennett

When looking for property to build a home in '94-'95, we chose Yachats because of the proximity to the NSO and David were definite factors.

Karen Bennett

My wife and I first came to Newport in 2007. We chose Newport in part because it had its own symphony orchestra. We were taken in by the quality of the performances, and we loved coming to Adam Flatt's pre-concert talks. We thank the music director, musicians, staff and volunteers for bringing us this wonderful, joyous, and beautiful orchestra. 

John Lavrakas

My Kiddos really had a fun time at the July John Williams concert. Making wands and the costume parade were wonderful inclusions!


March 2019 Concert - Loved the Gershwin - felt like good finishing music - An American in Paris

Conrad Willet

Exploring the symphony with my youngest sone Linden. He enjoyed the music but put forth questions on the ceiling tiles and sound boards rather than the musical instruments! (at March 2019 concert)

Kelly Vogt

The first time I played with the Newport Symphony was 1997 in April. Driving out of Portland, I remember all the skunk cabbage was in bloom. It was a beautiful weekend filled with beautiful music. 27 years later I'm still loving it.

Adrian Dee, flute

So many fine concerts over the decades: Prokofiev's 1st concerto with Amy Yang will not be forgotten. Thanks for all the joy + beauty.

Onya Underhill (March 2019 concert)

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