Newest Release from the David Ogden Stiers Vinyl Collection

Greetings to members and selected patrons of the NSO:

At the link below, you will find a list of recordings that are available from the David Ogden Stiers Vinyl Collection. Upon his death in March 2018, David Stiers left his vinyl record collection so that their sale may support the Newport Symphony Orchestra. He served as its resident conductor for decades and was a marvelous supporter of its mission.

These will eventually be released to the public for sale but you are being given the opportunity to purchase them beforehand. Most of these recordings are one of a kind. 

If you research these on eBay or audiophile outlets, you will discover that most of them are selling for considerably higher prices. Those prices will guide how these are listed in January on eBay.

Ordering: Circle the serial number of the album(s) you wish, and send it to DOSVC 4019 SE Boise St., Portland Oregon 97202. If you have questions, email me at No credit card transactions can be made for this preview release.

The pricing is as follows:

Factory Sealed: $25 
Near Mint: $20 
Good Condition: $15
Worn but playable: $10 
At your own risk: $5
Missing or damaged jacket discount: $5

Packing and shipping:

Priority Mail—actual cost, usually between $7.95 and $14.95, includes insurance. Packing $1
Checks should be made to DOSVC and mailed to:

4019 SE Boise St Portland OR 97202

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation at the same time, you will need to remit additional amount which will be forwarded to the Newport Symphony; in that case, you will be given a special tax deduction receipt for the donation. The sale price listed is at or below market value, so does not qualify as a donation, even though the proceeds go to the orchestra—IRS rules.

Time doesn’t allow for a pictoral display, alas—but these can all be seen via Google search—doing that is recommended. Considerable information is available on all of these.

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