Musician Sponsorship

Special thank you to the 2019-2020 Musician Sponsors.  The Musician Sponsors support helped make it possible to have extremely high-quality musicians perform with the Newport Symphony.

Being a Musician Sponsor is a great way to get to better know the members of the Orchestra. Sponsors are contacted by their musician shortly after their sponsorship has been established. Musician Sponsors are also invited to have lunch with musicians at a special rehearsal luncheon.

Please consider starting in the fall to sponsor one, or more, of our musicians.   The donation of $800 for principal chair and/or $500 for section chair sponsorship can be split between you and a friend. Both will be listed in our program inserts and invited to come to the sponsor's luncheon to meet your sponsored musician.

2019-2020 MUSICIAN SPONSORS (in italics after the musician's name)

Violin 1

Casey Bozell, Concertmaster

   Jeannette Hofer

Tricia Bevans

   Tricia Miller

Marya Kazmierski

   Carol Caldwell

Alistair Kok


Cindy Petty

    Digby Westie

Lori Porter Stole

   Melody & John Lavrakas


Violin 2

Ken Combs, Principal

   Tiby & Bernard Cooperstein

Rita Brown

   Judy McNeil

Paige Buursma

   Betty Richard

Sara Pyne

    Jan & Robert Pyne

Barbara Wilcox

   Dianne Trask



Shauna Keyes, Principal

   Nancy Steinberg & Tom Hurst

Toby Loftus

  Pat Lewis

John Leuthauser




Barbara Johnston, Principal

    Jaimie Seufert

Erik Velasquez

   Paul & Cheryl Katen

Walt Hogsett

   Christine McKenney

Adrienne Welsh

    Jaimie Seufert



Karl Blaeuer, Principal

   Adrienne Welsh & Corinne  Newbegin

Robert Busey, Acting Principal

    Jeannette Hofer



Adrian Dee

   Malcolm & Suzanne Greenlees



Kris Klavik

   Pat Lewis



Alicia Charlton

    Ruth & Jack Kistler



Chad Alexander, Principal

    Tiby & Bernard Cooperstein

Danielle Goldman

    Brian & Linda Haggerty



Bradley Capshaw       

    Patty Olmsted



Ryan Chaney

    Clio Calico



Jay Steele, Principal

   Mary Markland & Brian Wooton



Rachel Dobrow Stone, Acting Principal

   Dennis White & Martha Wallace

The Newport Symphony Orchestra is a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) IRS status. Contributions to the Newport Symphony are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. The Newport Symphony’s Tax I.D. is Tax ID # 93-1013951.