Newport Symphony Orchestra

Executive Summary

Strategic Plan 2021-2024


Strategic Planning Committee:

Ken Combs

Adam Flatt

Karen Gray

Brian Haggerty

William Hite

Michael Meagher

Megan Miller-Morgan

Don Nelson

Betty Richard

Mike Rickus

Gavin Shumate

Joseph Swafford

Don Taylor

Adrienne Welsh



Newport Symphony Orchestra

Executive Summary

Strategic Plan 2021-2024


In January 2012, the Newport Symphony Orchestra (NSO) Board adopted its first 3-year strategic plan.  This plan was the result of a deep examination of the organization’s mission, values and vision.  It took into consideration input from a variety of constituents including longtime stakeholders, community members, board members and musicians. Since its adoption, the NSO Board continues the use of the first plan as the guidance tool for achieving the goals of the organization’s mission. 

In January 2015, an update of the original plan was generated. Main portions of the goals and activities generated in the 2012 plan were constant ongoing tasks for the NSO. In August of 2019, the Board of the NSO held a retreat to begin the creation of a new Strategic Plan. That process continued for a year and a half resulting in the creation of the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

The new plan, once again, contains basis of the first plan with numerous stable and continuing goals, strategies, and tasks. Those provide stability for achieving the mission and vision of the NSO. The 2021-2024 plan now initiates new goals and strategies for establishing progress, advancement and growth. The plan will ensure the NSO focuses on maintaining and expanding artistic, financial and education progress as well as enhanced connections with the community.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Oregon's coastal communities with diverse, inspiring performances and engaging educational activities.  


We are inspired to share our love for music as a source of joy and lasting memories. Through our concerts, outreach, and educational programs, we act on our belief that music contributes vitally to the social, cultural, and economic strength of our community.  

VISION 2024: 

•    Nationally recognized for high-caliber musicianship  

•    Locally esteemed for its educational programming and its success in    making classical music widely accessible  

•    Financially secure, as demonstrated by a sustainable operating budget     and a significantly funded endowment.  

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion/Purpose: Strive to serve as much of the community as possible, help them fall in love with our music. Groups to focus on; diverse underrepresented groups. Including cultural heritage, race, blue collar, and poor.


The NSO strategic planning included all board members serving as the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). The planning began in August of 2019 with a board retreat. It continued throughout 2020.  The SPC determined that the 2021 plan will be an update and extension of the previous plan which has ongoing goals and actions. That included the organization’s mission, values and vision which were reviewed and resulted in a renewed commitment to each.  The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) chart from the 2012 Strategic Plan was reviewed and a number of items added in each category.  Based on the 2015-20218 plan, the SPC discussed what were accomplish, what needs to continue as future accomplishments and what needs to be added to retain the organization and continue building a positive and active future. During this time, the confirming of each Goal and additional Goals were generated. That resulted in the following set of Goals:

1.  Sustain the highest-possible level of artistry – Elevate, Educate and Entertain

2.  Develop progressive, integrated music education and outreach

3.  Achieve financial security in operating budget and long-term framework

4.  Equity, Diversity and Inclusion/Purpose: Strive to serve as much of the community as possible.



Goal 1 - Sustain the highest-possible level of artistry – Elevate, Educate and Entertain.

Strategy 1-1:  Establish three-to-five-year programming. 

Strategy 1-2:  Develop Current Artistic Process. 

Strategy 1-3:  Explore Summer Festival.


Goal 2 - Develop progressive, integrated music education and outreach.

Strategy 2-1: Musician visits to schools and colleges.

Strategy 2-2: Maintain and expand Youth Ensemble Programs.

Strategy 2-3: Expand String Tuition Program.

Strategy 2-4: Maintain other existing Educational Programs.

Strategy 2-5: Identify additional Education and Outreach Opportunities.

Strategy 2-6: Establish Education and Outreach Committee.


Goal 3 - Achieve financial security in operating budget and long-term framework.

Strategy 3-1: Integrate fundraising into programming, operations, marketing and education actions.

Strategy 3-2: Develop and implement Individual Donations/Memberships program designed to fund general operations and concert expenses.

Strategy 3-3: Develop and implement Sponsorships – designed to fund guest artists, youth orchestra and special events.

Strategy 3-4: Develop and implement Grant application plan designed to fund special programs/projects.

Strategy 3-5: Develop and implement Endowment/Planned Giving Campaign.


Goal 4 - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion/Purpose: Strive to serve as much of the community as possible.

Strategy 4-1: Establish a diverse group of leaders.

Strategy 4-2: Engage with a wide community and increase their participation in our mission.

Strategy 4-3: Youth Activities.

Strategy 4-4: Acquire information on the demographics in our community.


Goal 5 – Continue the appropriate organizational structure for NSO.

Strategy 2-1: Develop system to ensure smooth and thorough fulfillment of volunteer functions.

Strategy 2-2: Establish a board development plan.